Maximum traceability and food safety

The SUPEFROZEN method is a cryogenic freezing system on board ships, at sea, developed in the 90s by Japanese fleets.

The fish is killed, bled and gutted, by the Japanese procedure (ike jime), and finally deep-frozen on board at -80ºC

Through this process, no stress is generated to the animal and rapid bleeding does not affect the product, keeping all its texture and flavor intact.

The quality is maximum and all the organoleptic qualities are preserved 100%, allowing this product to reach the final consumer with the highest quality sashimi and at much lower costs than fresh.

This method allows us to guarantee the supply with a point of fat and stable quality throughout the year.

In turn, 's supply guarantee allows us to offer our clients price stability in specific periods of time.


  • Total guarantee: no type of cellular degradation in the whole process.
  • Rapid defrosting in warm water so that the final consumer looks like freshly caught product.
  • High qualitative standard: the properties of the product, its consistency, color (it oxidizes less) and taste remain unchanged.
  • Price stability.