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Tunnus thynnus

Bluefin Tuna, the jewel in the crown of the tuna family, is a pelagic fish that is caught in all the seas of the world.

A few years ago, it was only consumed during the local fishing season in the Mediterranean, from April to July, which is when tunas from all over the world enter the Strait of Gibraltar and spawn in this sea.

It is in these months, when the point of infiltrated fat and the freshness of Bluefin tuna is the most optimal.

However, currently we can enjoy this fish all year round for two reasons:

On the one hand, fattening farms have been developed in the Mediterranean that make it possible to control the optimum fat point and slaughter the fish according to market demand.

And on the other, improvements in air logistics have allowed us to import this

species from all over the world, very quickly and always maintaining the freshness of the product. In addition, at , we always have a SUPERFROZEN stock of this product to guarantee supply at any time of the year.